Manipulative plan for math class
Reflection: I loved this manip presentation. I think that discovery math is so much better than "chalk and talk". This way students aren't just memorizing and regurgitating information and I feel like they will be more likely to remember things.

Unit plan for integrated science
Reflection: I think integrated science is a great idea but I don't see it ever happening in New Brunswick schools. It is alot of work and it would be difficult to coordinate outcomes across grades. I would most likely develop mini integrated units spanning a few days or a couple weeks.

Digital Cheating
Reflection: It is surprising how little students seem to know about what cheating is. They are receiving conflicting messages when we get them to work in groups and collaborate online and then suddenly they are on their own for tests. I think it is very important for teachers to talk to their students about these issues at least a few times during the school year.